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Welcome to the Ports of Uncharted Waters Wiki. This site is dedicated to profiling every landing point and city in Uncharted Waters Online for easy reference by players. The site is brand new and I am kicking it off with useful links, the shipyards, a list of cities by region (landing points will be marked by a number such as #1, #2, etc.), and a profile of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Please feel free to add your city profiles or add to one that is missing important information. The idea here is to list items, trade goods, production skills/skills, remedies, permits, books, languages, etc. that are available by city or place instead of listing them by individual categories. In this way a player can look up a town they are in or will be going to and learn what that town has to offer. Please follow the general format layed out for Amsterdam as this is not intended to be a generalized Wiki encompassing every aspect of the game (there are links to a general wiki and info/forum site listed in Useful Links). There is a section titled Quests, Adventures and Battles for posting detailed descriptions of these events if you would like to share them with other users, please do not post these on the city pages. There are also sections for sharing Trade Secrets, Recipes and Other Things as well as a section for the Aztec Civilization expansion. Again, welcome to the UWOCities Wiki. I look forward to this new adventure and sharing it with all of you. Sure Breeze; Feb. 18, 2011.

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